chattypatty Documentation

Version Control

0.1April 26, 2023Initial document creation.Fred Eaker


The purpose of chattypatty is to provide a basic web interface to utilize and experiment with the OpenAI API.


The API calls will be limited to text completions. Chat completions are explicitly out of scope.

The interface will support the following:

  • User entry of an OpenAPI API key for utilization during API calls.
  • Display of a hard-coded OpenAI text completion model to utilize during API calls.
  • User entry of a prompt.
  • User adjustment of maximum tokens.
  • User adjustments of temperature.
  • Display of a response.


  1. The HTML form should treat the API key as a password.
  2. The following user-inputted data should be displayed before and after prompt submission. In other words, these user inputs should not reset to defaults after the prompt has been submitted via the HTML form.
    • Prompt
    • Maximum Tokens
    • Temperature

Version History & Release Notes

1.0April 21, 2023Initial release.