‎Let us not forget that the scientific theory posits that consciousness is an epiphenomenon in the cosmos, possessed by an insignificant species living on a very irrelevant planet, in a minor solar system and galaxy, a species some of whose members happen to be able to claim that human consciousness is irrelevant.

But no one talks about how we happen to be able to make this claim. Our consciousness is not considered to be a major reality in the cosmos although it claims to know the cosmos. We consider it to be no more than an epiphenomenon. We paint the picture of a cosmos that is not only without consciousness but is also dead. And, nevertheless, we claim that our consciousness is able to study it objectively. What a peculiar consciousness is this indeed.

From Seyyed Hossein Nasr‘s 2003-04 Dudleian Lecture, “In the Beginning Was Consciousness,” at Harvard Divinity School

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