The right kind of leader can break [the pattern of groupthink], and the right kind of leader may be an introverted one. Introverted CEOs are more common than you might think, given the caricature of the hard-charging, fast-talking executive. By one estimate, 40% of high-powered American businesspeople fall on the introvert end of the spectrum, a group that appears to include the likes of Bill Gates, Charles Schwab and Google CEO Larry Page. The ability to assess risk and remain focused on the long term can pay off big in the boardroom. So can the capacity for listening, a trait that can be too easily lost in the isolation of the C-level suite. “Introverted leaders tend to be more detail oriented and better able to hear their employees,” says Jennifer Kahnweiler, an executive coach and author of The Introverted Leader.

Via The Upside Of Being An Introvert (And Why Extroverts Are Overrated)

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  1. J.W.Trent

    Hurrah for introverted leaders. Thank you for highlighting the
    traits of strong introverted leaders who are excellent listeners and
    risk assessors.


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