Realization of Relative Reality Leads to Self-Inquiry

From the Wikipedia article on the Interpretation of quantum mechanics:

“… the world around us seems to be in a specific state, yet quantum mechanics describes it with wave functions governing the probabilities of values. In general the wave-function assigns non-zero probabilities to all possible values for a given physical quantity, such as position. How then is it that we come to see a particle at a specific position when its wave function is spread across all space? In order to describe how specific outcomes arise from the probabilities, the direct interpretation introduces the concept of measurement. According to the theory, wave functions interact with each other and evolve in time according to the laws of physics until a measurement is performed, at which time the system will take on one of the possible values with probability governed by the wave-function. Measurement can interact with the system state in somewhat peculiar ways…”

According to quantum mechanics, the very act of measuring influences the value that is measured. Replace a few words and you have: “The very act of looking influences what we see.”

We see with our eyes which passes images to our brain. Our mind interprets the visual stimulus: “That painting is ugly,” or “That girl is cute.”

In addition, if we assume that the brain produces the mind, then the instrument itself is a part of this quantum system. Infinite recursion anyone? Anyone?

I hope this idea frustrates and confuses you. I hope you experience doubt about your own thoughts. I hope you ask yourself, repeatedly, “Who am I?” with genuine curiosity.

All scientific, philosophical and theological questions lead to this one simple question. Without pursuing its answer all else is naught.

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