QuickSynergy on Fedora 16

QuickSynergy logoThis weekend, my wife gave up her aging Compaq Presario CQ60 for a new Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook.

Since I use Fedora 16 on my Lenovo Ideapad Y510, I took the opportunity to test Fedora on the Compaq. The installation and updates went extremely well. However, I liked the Compaq screen better so I was torn between the two. As a compromise, I successfully compiled and setup Synergy and QuickSynergy to use the Compaq as a second monitor!

I had to compile QuickSilver from source (on both machines) and allow port 24800 through iptables (on the host).

The best instructions for setting up QuickSilver itself are here and here, also summarized below:

On the host machine (with mouse and keyboard):

  1. Run QuickSynergy
  2. In one of the directional boxes, enter the hostname of the client machine (the one without keyboard or mouse). If you don’t know the client machine’s hostname type “hostname” in a terminal on the client machine.

On the client machine (without a mouse and keyboard):

  1. Run QuickSynergy
  2. Type the IP address of the host machine in the Use tab. (To find your host machine IP address type ifconfig in a terminal on the host machine–it should read something like: inet addr:

Now that the host and client are set, perform the following:

  • Click the Execute button on the host machine
  • Click the Execute button on the client machine
  • Move the mouse to the edge of the host screen–it should now appear on the client screen

More notes:

  • Had to run as root on host but ran as normal user on client.
  • Screen switching becomes inactive while Gnome 3’s hot corner is in use.

I’d like to daemon-ize this process and I’l post an update when I get a chance.

Send me feedback in the comments if these instructions didn’t work for you.

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