Now that I’m 30 years old…

I turned 30 on April 5, 2009. Here is a list of thoughts for the occasion:

  • Life is a great mystery and has no significance until you give it meaning. Embrace your free will but seek wise advice.
  • While you are young: travel, fall in love, make mistakes and be foolish. As you grow older you will have more to loose and be reluctant to take risks.
  • Voluntarily live in poverty for a period of time. You’ll never take anything for granted again.
  • Recognize the the limitations of your own mind which has been habituated by culture. Strive to overcome these limitations by continually exposing yourself to new ideas and experiences.
  • You will discover your strengths by continually pushing your limits. Along the way you’ll also discover your weaknesses; accept them and those of others.
  • Regularly contemplate death. The more you accept the temporal nature of all things, the more you’ll appreciate the beauty of life in the present moment–that’s really all we have.

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