Happiness Project interview

Happiness Project interview: “Gretchen Rubin, author of the terrific book I reviewed in January, The Happiness Project, interviewed me on her always-interesting Happiness Project blog.

Gretchen: What’s something you know now about happiness that you didn’t know when you were 18 years old?

Mark: When I was 18 I thought that I had to go out and find things to make me happy. Now I am happiest when I don’t venture past my property line. There is a world of adventure in my house and yard — books, my family, drawing and painting, making yogurt, sauerkraut, and kombucha, beekeeping, raising chickens, making things. I still enjoy going out and seeing the rest of the world, but I also am at the point where I am never bored by staying home. Life gets more interesting as I grow older.

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