Business Intelligence and Data Science

Steve Miller makes an interesting series of comparisons between Business Intelligence and Data Science, extensively referencing Mike Loukides’ “What is data science?”, culminating in this table:

Business Intelligence Data Science
Content/Tools Decision Support System lineage Statistical Science lineage
Relational Database-centric Cloud-centric, Massively Parallel, alernate data stores such as Cassandra, Hadoop
Database Warehouse Data Platform
Focus on reporting and dashboards Focus on statistics and experiements
Online analytical processing (OLAP) Machine Learning
Extract, transform, load (ETL) Data munging/conditioning
Visualization Visualization and creative design
Mostly propreitary, some open source Mostly open source, some propreitary
Business IT-owned Analytics-owned
Technology and business Mathematics and science
Performance management Data products
Methodical Inspirational
Middle-aged Adolescent
Division of labor Jack of all trades
Teams One-offs
Short- to medium-sized projects Quicker hits
Prescision Speed
More governance Less governance
Data Complete data Missing data
Quality-centric Quantity-centric
Absolute Approximate
More interal data More external data
Structured data Structured and unstructured data
Small, medium and large data Big data

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