The Trauma of Being Alive

An undercurrent of trauma runs through ordinary life, shot through as it is with the poignancy of impermanence. I like to say that if we are not suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, we are suffering from pre-traumatic stress disorder. There is no way to be alive without being conscious of the potential for disaster. One way or another, death (and its cousins: old age, illness, accidents, separation and loss) hangs over all of us. Nobody is immune. Our world is unstable and unpredictable, and operates, to a great degree and despite incredible scientific advancement, outside our ability to control it.Mark Epstein, The Trauma of Being Alive


The Spectrum of Faith

“Faith is the conviction behind sustained effort.”Swami Tripurari, Bhagavad-gita: Its Feeling and Philosophy (UPDATE: This article was republished on the Harmonist with a good discussion in the comments.) In a recent Twitter discussion, I posited that atheists do indeed have faith. Their faith is in reason and sense perception, i.e., rationalism and empiricism. This statement […]